About Us

Cody and Jenna were not allowed to drink coffee as teenagers, but loved that flavor every once in a while they would sneak a sip! As they got older they looked for the best of both worlds getting that rich relaxing coffee flavor without the negative effects of caffeine and other coffee chemicals. One day Jenna got a call from her brother, Cody. He had been experimenting in his kitchen with various organic ingredients, and believed he had come up with a healthy, unique blend that resembled the familiar and tantalizing notes of coffee. Off they went, hoping to bring their passion to life. In 2021, however, Cody suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Jenna continued on to make sure his memory and legacy lived on through the creation of Mawka. Today, we are happy to share Mawka with all those looking for a comforting, aromatic ritual that fuels the body with natural energy, vitamins, antioxidants, and an overall sense of wellbeing/satisfaction.